mexican burgers


Local mouthwatering favorites from our flagship restaurant Gaudi Cafe. All 1/2 pound of angus beef, served on a pretzel bun, lettuce, tomato and onion. Includes french fries or chips.


Zapata $13

Guacamole, cheddar-chihuahua, maple wood bacon and fresh jalapeños.

Diego Rivera $13

Spicy pepper jack, avocado and jalepeños.

Frida Kahlo $13

Cheddar-cheese, fried egg and maple wood bacon.

Sor Juana $13

Grilled mushroom, grilled onion, bacon and chihuahua cheese. 

Gaudi Fest $13

BBQ sauce, maple wood bacon, cheddar cheese and grilled onion.

Picasso $12

Crispy bacon and cheddar cheese.